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Published on: December 16, 2013

The company was founded to meet the needs of society by creating satisfiers for remuneration which compensate the risk, efforts and investments by entrepreneurs. Currently the functions of enterprises already are not limited to those mentioned before, being formed by men, the company to achieved the category of a social entity with characteristics and life of its own that favors human progress as main purpose to allow in its bosom the auto relationship of its members and directly influencing economic advancement, of the social environment in which it operates. In the life of every company the human factor is crucial, administration; sets the foundations to achieve harmonization of the numerous and sometimes divergent interests of its members: executives and consumer actions. Company is nothing easy to define since this concept different approaches (economic, legal, philosophical and Social) are given among others. In its most simple meaning, means the undertake a thing with an implied risk. Technological advancement and economic has given rise to the existence of a wide variety of companies, applying management more suited to the reality and the basic functions of each manager. It is therefore essential to analyze the different kinds of companies existing in our midst. Continuation presents some of the most widespread classification of the company criteria: activity or money: the company can be classified according to the activity carried: industrial: primary of this type of company activity is the production of goods through processing or extraction of raw materials, the industries in turn are susceptible to qualify: Extractive: when they are engaged in the exploitation of natural resources, all those thing of nature that are indispensable for the survival of man. Manufacturing: are enterprises that transform raw materials into finished products, and they can be of two types: companies that produce goods for final consumption, produce goods which directly meet the needs of the consumer.

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