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Published on: November 18, 2015

It actually sounds like science fiction, but nevertheless, it is already present; only we don’t know it. Data calculated on the Internet and stored are remote electronic circuits and storage media located on your own computer from. Cloud computing is the key word. It is precisely this process, in which the own computer must assume hardly any computing power and a cloud emits its data computer on the Internet, which incorporates the main computational. This technique has many advantages, because as the claim on the home PC will be reduced greatly.

All you need there, is the technology to operate a Web browser and a broadband connection to the World Wide Web so at least in theory. In practice, it looks however else and since it is hard to find a pure cloud computer and its end user counterpart. But steps in this direction to be done constantly; to work many of the new generation of pad computers with this technology and do so without costly hardware. Also smartphones should put more and more in the future on this vision. All benefits then the environment, because a transfer of data on the Internet saves power in each individual computers.

Questionable is of course still the security of data when they are not on the hard disk are stored. This is probably particularly important for companies that might be interested in this form of service. Cloud computing is while handy, but would give also its most sensitive data in the vast expanses of the Internet a company, to get there from a cloud computer edit them? But the problems are probably more in the head than in practice here. Although the feeling is understandable, that is there on the security of data when you don’t have them on your own hard drive, but actually we do it every day. E-mails you when GMX gets daily are the greatest example of this only a few still consider the security of the data, but see it as a given, although they still are not on your own computer. Also the well-known online services for storing photos, calendars on Google, and the games on Facebook fall under this category. Even the huge community of bloggers around the software WordPress has entrusted with their blogs is already completely the Internet and manages the data located somewhere in the vastness of the Internet. So, it’s a question of the head, not the technology.

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