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Published on: September 11, 2015

It is mandatory draft-pereobor v or redevelopment agree with or owner of the house, a legally bodies, State Sanitary Inspectorate, the Office of the District architect, Moscow and exploiting the bodies. With upcoming changes in the engineering equipment of the premises (such as installing heat, gas, electrical equipment with high consumption vodoenergeticheskih resources) project should be coordinated with services iydd "Mosgaz, M se Mosvodokanal, Moscow cable network Mosenergo thermal systems ao Mosenergo, the Office of the fuel and energy sector. If necessary, erm the right to request and other documents. The final decision on a complicated redevelopment, such as the grouping of several apartments, either horizontally or vertically, take after further consideration of the inter- commissions, administrative districts or urban inter-departmental commission on the use of housing stock. In all the coordinating organizations will pay a formal departmental charges of $ 1500 and above per Help. Total cost – about $ 5000 Do not forget to prepare more and thick envelopes. We must bear in mind that we now combine a residential area with loggia not even for a large bribe. But over the glass in the legislative documents, there are differences.

It is not directly prohibited, but never allowed. The most lenient sentence for unauthorized alterations and alterations to flats is expressed in a written warning to the offender or fine imposed upon him (Article 142 of the Administrative Code). If, however, affected neighbors, or harmed communication and the building as a whole, the offender may apply srt 293 of the Civil Code.

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