Business Washing Vehicles Without Water

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Published on: April 28, 2014

ECOCARCLEN CIF B70015607 poet MAHIA 16 15220 BERTAMIRANS SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain TEL & FAX 034 881979554 MOV 034 606948806 dear entrepreneur: after a long journey of years the people who make up this company have been able to assemble products of tomorrow we use them today, the generation process in our r & d Center and with the collaboration of manufacturers worldwide, and an endless collaborators series have given the fruit expected have a biodegradable organic product with scrupulous respect for the environment whose application was fast and easy chord with the economic cost-benefit assumptions and results could not be compared with any other product that was on sale, that cleanse, not rayara, regenerating and getting a shine that lasts, and the person who applied it to feel satisfied to work in creating high quality, with the customer appreciation, if image quality that is respected and can have higher economic performance relative to traditional washes, which itself pollute, scratch and destroy the environment, than with the laws most are not suitable to carry out such a service, whose products use bland, high ph, acids and many more, if corrosive products, our system and products brand total difference because now we can even washing the car in the street of any city in the world without the most without any kind of prohibition and with the astonishment of passers-by. Our philosophy part of creating a community of friends and collaborators worldwide, for which all are links in a chain, where in addition to getting our social and economic independence, we can provide this community service of collaboration and support, scoring goals that are already drawn in defense of the environment and also for commuter between members can help each other, seeking a meeting point of a pure friendship. The creators of Ecocarclen, who were born and live in a city that is Santiago de Compostela, where people of all races in the world, on the long road until you reach the Cathedral of Compostela, pilgrims will help each other regardless of race, origin or language, so manage to make the long journey short and be proud to have reached the goal, and recalling that in addition to increased its heritage with pure and disinterested friendship that never forget, for this reason we aren’t pigeonholed to any type of franchise, the union is strength, and we offer constant improvements in both products and systems, having created a group United in the present worldwide and that each day has the presence and prestige that we look for. .

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