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Published on: March 21, 2013

Today, the majority of Internet sites persist through the income received through advertising, the statistics speak of around 95%. If any web that was free opts to spend to a pay model is observed as in a short time it loses its users that are progressively opting for other free alternatives available in the network. Given the structure of the websites and Web applications and their low maintenance costs and fierce competition, most of the webmasters choose to offer their services and free information. Opt for a mixed model where the charge for some services, called premium, and some portals offer the rest for free, among other social networks for Xing and LinkedIn working relationships we can find. When a user searches on the internet one of the keywords or keywords that a greater number of times appears in their searches is the word free. There is a widespread thought of everything available online is free and that we can copy and stored in our computer free-form. We have the blogs of news, government agencies or official websites, online newspapers, forums, social networks, portals Classifieds free downloads of books, etc.

pages It is services used by all users and especially by young people who have no income and is not willing to pay anything to enjoy them. Certain sectors of payment for which the charge for the service is commonplace as they are dating or dating, portals exist, however, webs of adults, portals of ads for employment, real estate portals, etc. Generally speaking, it’s services aimed at middle-aged people and companies since they are the ones who have enough purchasing power to pay for those services. In spite of this, we can also find free portals with these contents. If we are proposing to set up a business on the Internet we must take into account these aspects, we must analyze the competition, observe that model used and the type of advertising that are employing to be known. In the sectors of payment portals spend enormous sums of money in advertising campaigns already which can then amortize them with revenues obtained with its subscribers.

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