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Published on: May 2, 2016

We prove to the saciedade the absolute and irrefutable existence of Jesus Christ; but it is not simply enough to believe that It is real; it is necessary, however, to believe in it of the correct form, second disclosed in the Sacred Holy Writs. To produce a Cristologia to the edge of the Sacred Bible is to slide itself for the religious sincretismo, that takes incauto the same the level of amissibilidade of incru. Evidently that each person has there its belief, estribada in educations of its religious club, or in the ditames of its conscience, but this belief must be demonstrated through an full acceptance and inadivel of the Person of Jesus Christ. It is the evanglica faith. If Jesus Christ is not unreal, neither is a creature, as they want some religious groups. I, particularly, never vi physically Mr. Jesus Christ, but me allegro because in it I believe and love it with inefvel and glorious joy (1Pd.1: 8) Of the excellent book of authorship of the Dr. Anbal Pear tree Dos Reis, former-priest Roman catholic, I transcribe: ' ' It is the divulged notice.

Jesus Christ is one only! Jesus Christ of the catholic, the esprita, the umbandista, the zarurista, the protestant, the evanglico is one only. Terrible deceit! It has much Jesus Christ as he has many Jose. sobram the Maria. Man only has a Jesus Christ. He has a mythical Jesus Christ. He has a synthetic Jesus Christ.

He has a Jesus Christ symbol. He has a Metaphysical Jesus Christ. He has a Jesus Christ catholic, whose necessary sacrifice to be repeated in masses, which, of so inefficacious, are supported in would estake of a co-redentora, of a multitude of intercessores, one horda of clergymen, the sacramentos, the purgatrio and the good workmanships. He has a Jesus Christ, the evolved spirit more amongst as many espritos in evolutivo process or already evolved.

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