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Published on: May 2, 2014

It is natural to feel a great fear about the potential emotional consequences that could arise from the rupture of an emotional relationship for the smallest house or marriage. That fear, however, disappears as they grow and achieve a degree of maturity. This means that many couples opt for postpone the time of your separation or divorce until children reach a certain maturity, in adolescence, without considering that also then an event of such magnitude can have a profound impact. Effects of a rupture on the children as these will grow, their understanding about the reality that surrounds them is becoming ever greater, being increasingly complex relationship with parents. These, in a way, no longer simple parents to move to occupy a position of trust and complicity, more typical of a relationship of friendship than of a subsidiary paternal link. Thus, the degree of involvement of the children and their perception grows on the emotions of parents, being in many cases overly involved with respect to those.

And this is, to a large extent, because many times is too what with them is shared. The frustrations, fears and even anger toward the former couple eventually entrusted to a few children who in many cases might seriously conditioned their relationship with their other parent. Despite the fact that it is logical that they wish to know what is happening and the causes of the rupture, trying to offer their support at all times; you don’t want to use them as a way to blow off steam. On the other hand, disputes and quarrels so characteristic of many processes end up very seriously affect children, fostering in them rebel and wayward, so characteristic of adolescent behaviors. Some aspects that should be taken very present in these cases particularly in divorce separation, when occurs a traumatic breakup with respect to a previous living situation, is necessary to reaffirm the positions of parents and children, so that they know that their parents are there and they will continue to ensure them. On the other hand, would require that after such rupture both persons could maintain a certain link for the sake of their children, trying to cooperate in all aspects relating to their education and growth and to develop their mutual relations the highest possible normally. Finally, under no circumstances should used those as currency, nor put them against the other spouse, systematically denying the authority of its decisions or use them to spy on his actions (this is known as parental alienation phenomenon). On the contrary, it would be suitable to convey to them that despite the great change that has taken place in their lives, both parents will remain always there by ensuring them. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article

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