Western European Middle Ages

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Published on: October 21, 2015

Scientists have turned up that the influence of the "devil planet" would be bad: February 14, 2013, back when the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the Sun, the potential global cataclysm. The magnetic poles will shift, and tilt of the planet change! Strong earthquakes and powerful tsunami disaster will bring many continents, especially America. But after July 1, 2014-On Nibiru will begin to move away from the Earth in its orbit. But the total of the Apocalypse can not be afraid. The few documents with clear, dated often strike very weird chronology or contain some incredible numbers. If patience and dig into the libraries of ancient monasteries, You can find there a lot of notes, the X century, which are equipped with dates retroactively. Personal notary Holy Roman Emperor, for some unknown reason, the document 700, corrected the date to 1000, 'jumping', thus by Three centuries! From the early Western European Middle Ages to have survived remarkably little information from credible sources.

To find out the authenticity of any fact, historians have weighed a number of circumstantial evidence. Establish the exact date of medieval events – any more difficult puzzle, because successive chronological records of the early period of the Middle Ages did not exist … Between 614 and 911 years formed gap: the interval of three hundred years there could be no authentic documentary evidence, like him, and was not at all! A modern German historian Heribert Illig came to the conclusion that the reign of Emperor Holy Roman Empire distillate III and Pope Sylvester II was noted in the annals of history for three centuries later than it actually is. Such gross 'error' could not arise by accident, they certainly had good reason. But Why it took the German to the King and Pope to falsify historical dates? In the Christian chronology in 1000 is particularly significant: it spoke of a recent period of time before Judgement. More …

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