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Published on: February 14, 2016

In this situation, the traffic police are not legally able to bring the perpetrators to justice, even if you have a medical examination certifying the drunk driver: because the driver admitted that he was tipsy – but not at the time of driving, but only after it stops. At the present time to escape responsibility drinkers will not succeed. In the new edition of the Code of Administrative Offences provides for liability for the use of alcohol and drugs after a traffic accident or traffic police to stop drivers passing medical examination for sobriety. If you try to throw a trick – just lose the rights for a period ranging from 1.5 to 2 years. Sometimes the drivers are correct line road markings, so it would be easier to get to the right place. Here is a typical example that the author has seen personally.

On the road with three lanes in each direction markings prohibit left turns into the yard (there is a double center line). To turn to his home, a person has go forward 100 meters, where there is a gap strip, turn around and go in the opposite direction, then turn right in your yard. But who wants to constantly do a hook! Therefore, one of the drivers simply painted over black paint-ing the double center line in place of turning left. QED: the band was lost – hence, a left turn is permitted. However, such actions may bring upon the artist's more trouble: First, he must answer at least for petty crimes, and secondly, it will make to pay all costs of restoring the line road markings in place. Some enterprising drivers offer co-workers of traffic police so-called alternatives to bribery. What they do not try to foist an inspector: pour the potatoes out of the trunk, to cast a couple of liters of petrol, a bottle of moonshine to treat ("excellent quality – to make yourself! ") and so on. Also offer the inspector to arrange their child to college or to work, to help get a loan for the construction of apartment … If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jonathan Blattmachr.

Some of the fair sex, even offering traffic police officer sexual services, as they say, right on the spot (as little otedem in the bushes "). Many drivers have been naive to believe that well-deserved punishment to save a police cap, which extends over the rear window cars. Edakii "guardian angel". Should I say that it is not so! Moreover – the inspector. May still be wondering where in the car in person, not having anything to do with security forces and the militia – in particular, took Uniform cap! So you want all the advice: Do not do unnecessary nonsense, do not build yourself out of a clown, but calmly and honestly sort out their offense with the inspector.

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