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Published on: November 14, 2013

The quarrel on the importance of the reading has led professional, studious and governing to be uneasy ahead of results estarrecedores as presented for the Brazil Test, IDEB, ENEM, Saeb, amongst others. As if it knows reading is not only the act to decode the codes lingusticos or of more specific form the significant one. Reading goes much more beyond. It is necessary that the pupil is taken to understand the meaning of what they leem. But, without the practical one of the reading, this agreement becomes almost impossible.

One notices that private texts of direction are deliver to the pupils and this has led to the entorpecimento of the lingustica ability of the same ones. To reach the literal understanding is necessary to become a reader in potential, however, it perceives that the meaningless and descontextualizados use of sorts has blocked this development. This work, a priori, objective to insert the sort news article in the pertaining to school environment of the Municipal School Teacher Francisca de S with the pupils of 8 year, understanding that the same it has much to add to education. The above-mentioned educational establishment bes situated in the Town Lagoon of the Return in Port of Leaf-IF. The use of this didactic material is defended as being a motivador element of the reading and, according to Smith apud Eurdice of the Conceio Tobias, ' ' the reading is more easy when the reader considers the material significativo' '. Although it presents a certain degree of difficulty due to formality with which this sort is elaborated, the approach with the social reality and politics of the pupil will make possible that it interacts thinking, arguing and being an agent in the construction of its learning. 5 the use of this didactic material news article – come back toward the interest of the pupil ally to the discursivos knowledge it really propitiates the development of reading abilities.

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