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Published on: November 10, 2014

You will need to have implemented new tools. Identify and implement those small gestures or actions that can surprise the client is what can generate an important differentiator in the service. Some elements to consider are the following: maintain a system, such as the voice of the customer, whereby the expectations of customers can know in detail. You can surprise them, that generates that they consider their expectations met or exceeded, understood in the greatest possible detail that value. It is necessary to understand the behavior of the user or customer, put on your shoes and understand that it can generate you a memorable experience positive. Competition analysis.

I can do with small gestures or actions to differentiate me from my competitors. For example some in the United States hotel chains are offering interesting details in his offer of American breakfast. For example, a day provides to its guests a gourmet coffee or a nutritious snack takeaway, i.e. Facebook has much to offer in this field. they surprise their customers with small details that generate loyalty and remembrance. Capability of the organization. This means that the company must contemplate these processes not as isolated from some employees efforts, but as a process standard business and very well implemented. A inappropriate handling of this type of strategy, instead of generating a positive reaction of the client, can be achieved totally opposite.

It is important to understand the implications of each action of this type and ability that has the Organization to run it consistently. Do it in a simple way. Simple and well done things can generate greater impact than complex and expensive things. Think simple but impressive, things that generate remembrance and the customer can speak of them with relatives, colleagues and friends. This represents a global strategy to improve service to the client nor much less. They are simply recommendations on aspects which, without being extremely complex or expensive, can make the difference with its competitors and can generate a great impact on the loyalty of their customers and programs from voice to voice.

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