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Published on: February 28, 2014

However if what we want is not spending much money on meals and dinners, we always have choices of sandwiches and burgers that are more economical, being always attentive as before I commented to the prices of the drinks is what the price rises more. In Paris there are McDonalds in Spain, but there is no Burger King, although there is a Belgian chain dedicated to the same services call Quick which is also very economical. If anything characterizes to Paris and France, a part of many things more clearly, is its wonderful cakes and pastries. Personally I recommend not leaving of entering one of the thousands of Boulangeries and Patisseries ranging in all places of the city, where they performed a gorgeous bread and a few gorgeous buns and cakes. To highlight the Pain au chocolat, a Neapolitan with an excellent liquid chocolate.

Only pass near one of these boulangeries and feel the smell already invites to enter. In the vast majority of stations we find too many. Exit in Paris by night can be very expensive and frustrating if you are looking for a night of drinking to the purest Spanish type. The because it is simple. In Paris a cubatita may escape us from not inconsiderable price of 10 euros minimum, not to mention that they will not it us as we are accustomed and that the amount of alcohol will be tiny. Before leaving to the adventure, if we do not know the city, it is best done with a guide or a map and set ourselves a path of what we want to see. It will be very useful when it comes to schedule visits and know how to move us to reach them. Best is the meter, with which we will carry easily and fast by anywhere.

By 11.70 euros will have a bonus of 10 tickets or a ticket, which in Paris get in a WAD of 10 not in a single ten-trip ticket, and each one serves for a single trip, although they allow transshipment with the RER (a nearby) and with buses. The Parisian transport service is fantastic. In Paris we find hundreds and hundreds of shops of souvenirs or memories, without a doubt, it is always nice to take something to remember made trip, or simply buy the typical little detail for family or friends. Eiffel can find towers from small, keychains, t-shirts .infinidad of articles for all tastes and all pockets. My advice is to not buy anything until we bring a few days and visit several shopping areas, longer than if we do it the first day by doing so as soon as possible, we will realise once zones are very cheap and that prices vary greatly. In terms of llaveritos and small towers, more economical is available in the typical Peddler who will make us offers great on all sides. Christopher Anaya Prieto original author and source of the article

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