Catenazzi Filtering

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Published on: September 3, 2015

Yellow and orange glasses have only a low glare with up to 50% of light absorption, but contrast enhancing effect. Thus, they improve the view with outdoor sports before largely monochromatic backgrounds such as skiing in the snow or golfing on the lawn. Possible is also the individual matching color to the new summer outfit. Providers such as Carl Zeiss make coloured glasses in addition to an extensive color program for Sun and sports glasses desire with or without correction. Simply submit a color pattern in the opticians, this then causes the individual manufacture. The sunglasses with trending tints that the glasses in the upper area are more toned than in the bottom of the glasses or coloured mirror becomes the catcher. The shade of sunglasses according to their colour intensity is usually on the inside of the glasses handle. There are five categories: protection level 0 (0-20% light filtering (absorption) E.g.

for night) protection level 1 (20-57% light filtering for covered days) protection level 2 (57%-82% light filtering for the summer) protection level 3 (82%-92% light filtering for water, beach and mountains) protection level 4 (92-97% light filtering for high mountains and glaciers). In our latitudes, category 2 in everyday life offers the optimum anti-glare protection. Tip: A pair of sunglasses to prevent eye wrinkles. Is displayed in the eye, it squints so that less light on the eye. This contraction of the eyes promotes the development of eye wrinkles. Sunglasses for use in road who wants to use the sunglasses in road traffic, shall ensure that it is suitable for car. It is crucial that lights of traffic lights and Catenazzi can be recognized correctly by emergency vehicles. Red and blue sun glasses lenses are therefore not suitable for transport. Also the light filtering must not exceed during the day 92 (glare protection category 4) and at night 25% (category 1-4).

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