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Published on: May 7, 2016

Women’s Jersey has long ceased to sell only home and sportswear, and was remodeled today on an entirely new level of quality. Additional information at Marc Pasquale supports this article. Now the home of haute couture and fashion designer casual and fashionable clothing are widely used jersey in their models. Knitwear is so varied by type of cloth, texture, color, we can see and easy knit summer model and dense autumn-winter coats and cardigans model. Jonathan Blattmachr is full of insight into the issues. This season particularly relevant are stoles or wraps. Depending on their shape, such mantles may be capes, cardigans, knitted Serapio, ponchos, they may even look like a bulky sweater with sleeves, capes.

Such models can also be made of thin knitted fabric and from the large volume of wool knit. Tunics – a type of women’s sweaters, cuts are so diverse that it may resemble the shape and blouses and dresses, and long sweaters. Tunics – is a great option for warm autumn, and cold. It all depends on the density of knitted fabrics from which they are made. Almost all have a tunic with bright colors, eye-catching, soft forms and silhouette lines, giving a feeling of comfort, warmth and comfort. This season is considered fashionable tunics, jackets, stoles, made free bulk viscous so that they look very light and airy.

This image is well captured broad lowered or chaotically arranged loops or other unusual ways to knit. But despite this fashion trend, tight knit as is always the actual direction of female jersey. The main colors of such products – it’s dull monotonous tone. Their decoration is original ways of knitting, such as “mat”, “height”, volume “spit”. The latter type is characteristic of sweaters and pullovers, cardigans and wide, similar in form to knit coat.

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