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Published on: July 20, 2013

It is very important to keep all invoices, receipts since they are the main evidence. Exercise the warranty. There are two kinds of guarantees: the legal. The set by law. It is two years on new products and one in the second hand.

If seller detects a defect during this period within the first six months you can ask responsibilities to the seller or the manufacturer and this should prove that the well was in perfect condition. If it is later than the six months that must demonstrate it it is the buyer. The warranty covers the obligation of the seller or manufacturer include labor, shipping, parts to replace and displacements. During the repair of the good time freezes the warranty period. The onset of action of claim period is three years. The commercial. Added guarantee offered by the retailer or the manufacturer. You must be in writing.

The deadline for the action of this warranty claim is six months since that offered warranty period ends. Beware of electronic fraud, only purchase in secure Web pages. Always read the contract and look at the small print. Require blades of complaints, if they refuse to provide it can make a complaint to the Office of consumption more nearby. In addition if the company fails to provide these leaves the consumer may request the assistance of the local police so that lift the fact Act claims leaves must be filled in the Act by the employee of the establishment and the claimant with data from both, narration of facts, date and request that the consumer makes in. The employee can also formulate allegations and must seal and sign the forms. The claims sheets are printed autocalcables composed an original folio in white that the consumer should lead to the Administration, another rose that remains the company and the Green remains the consumer.

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