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Published on: May 7, 2014

The present study has as objective the correction of the factor of power of the installation, to promote the reduction of the consumption of inductive reactive energy that provokes overload in the electrical system of the installation, increase of the electric chain, the correction of the low factor of power is one of the solutions to reduce the losses of electric energy, and to diminish the risks with electric accidents for overheating and, also, for preventing addition in the energy invoice. to prevent the fine for a low factor of power, therefore the low factor of indicated power that you are not using fully the paid energy. he Correction of the factor of power through, mainly, of the installation of capacitors has been white of much attention of the areas of project, maintenance and finances of companies interested in rationalizing its electric equipment. Objectifying to optimize the use of the electric energy generated in the country, the DNAEE (acional Water Department and Electric Energy) through the N Decree. 479 of 20 of March of 1992 established that the minimum factor of power must be 0,92. Beddings of the power factor the power factor is the relation between active power and reactive power.

It indicates the efficiency with which the energy is being used. One high factor of indicated power a high efficiency and inversely a low factor of power indicates low efficiency. To determine the power factor (FP) it divides the active power (kW) for the apparent power (kVA): kw FP = —– kVA METODOLIGIA OF MEASUREMENT For the measurement was used the analyzer of quality of energy PowerNet P600, that if finds calibrated and surveyed duly. In view of that the installation supply is of the three-phase type with the neutral one (4 wires) had used four claws of tension, connected in phases R, S, neutral T and, the provisory installation of the measurement equipment can be observed in the photo below.

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