The Color In Our Lives

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Published on: April 1, 2014

Color is the most valuable component for a work of art convey the same sensations that the artist experienced during its elaboration and its proper implementation will depend on the emotions that you want to express. Colors are an integral part of life, influencing our State of mind, are present in nature and know how to handle them in decoration projects evaluates environments modern, sophisticated, quiet, cozy, elegant or natural; These colors have a psychological effect on people who inhabit the spaces, because the color possesses aroma, flavor and texture and directly influence our spirit. Warm colors are considered to be joyful and stimulating, colds are soothing and depressing sometimes. Yellow is the warmest of the spectrum, is fresh and is associated with sunlight. The blue is a cold color par excellence, is quiet and is associated with the sky and the water. Red is vibrant and exciting, is related to the fire. The Orange is very aggressive and is associated with the sunset. Green It is purifying and refreshing, it represents nature.

The Violet is a sedative and healing color, expresses delicacy and spirituality. White is natural light and is associated with innocence and peace. The black express mystery and sorrow, means rest. In Feng Shui, the color is energy, because the colors that our eyes perceive are electromagnetic waves that generate feelings. The five elements of nature are represented by a color; Wood (green), fire (orange), Earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (blue), so it can apply to each space the element required to create the atmosphere you want. Are you decorating projects in mind? Contact us!. + 57 (300) 6179333 Original author and source of the article

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