Social Assistants

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Published on: September 8, 2013

In function of a observed specific characteristic in the CMDCA, where an expressive number of Social Assistants composes and/or had composed the Advice in such a way how much its secretariat executive technique, we observe that it would be excellent to elaborate a work that had as proposal to make the recognition of this space while instance of popular participation, to analyze the question of the representation and to make the one recognition of the vision of the council members with regard to participation instance politics that they occupy. During the experience and the studies, we perceive that the Advice is a space in constant improvement, and opened the contributions that make possible each time more the approach of its action to the common interests of the population. During the period of period of training, we had a general vision of the functioning of the Advice, of its managemental model, segmenting it in commissions for a more refined study of specific cases. We dedicate ourselves with more persistence to one of these commissions, called Normas and Monitoramento, next to which we develop a flowchart (appendix I) in order to speed the process of register and registration of entities and programs in the CMDCA, work this that will be boarded with bigger consistency in elapsing of the monograph.

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