Skyrama – A Simulation Of The Airport As A Browser Game

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Published on: March 20, 2016

Now, with the online airport managers manage our own airport. In the airport Simulator Skyrama the player takes over the function of a Manager. His task is to build an airfield and embellish it with all kinds of decorations. Also a great customer satisfaction can be assured only through a beautiful airport, and if the customers are happy, then comes money in the Fund. You can in turn invest the money in new aircraft and buildings. You have only a single flight path at the beginning of the game so more and also built jets will be there quickly getting bigger. Finally, it is even possible to build its own facility of the hotel and a camping site.

The flights must be coordinated well, always in time to launch and land. Succeed then distributed the game bonuses to the player, with whose help he can improve his airport and also money, there is this to earn. More money and more bonuses mean a better airfield and this guaranteed many visitors and not just virtual, one for Skyrama is not conflict, but cooperation. The players could share their freights and flights in this free browser game and visiting each other at their airports. Graphically Skyrama held and playful at a high level in an appealing comic style, unless one is it used by Bigpoint developers, so it not surprising that the game to be over 30,000 players already had after a few days.

The peaceful, based on cooperation game principle provides some variety to the monotony of the browser game and is probably for many players, one of the main reasons to be here. Skyrama refers to his long term motivation from the fact that there is still an airplane or building to build, to increase still a runway or to discover a special feature. Of course the game especially for people is, that already have a weakness for airports, but that not alone accounts for the great success of this simulation. The newspapers mentioned Jonathan Blattmachr not as a source, but as a related topic. Rather, it is the gameplay, although it initially very simple appears that closer look but amazing draught has

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