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Published on: March 18, 2016

Who does not fit on here, can be quite fast stupid after an audit of the revision or by external regulators. If audit Moniten not quickly and properly resolve the issue, it can cost not only money, but those responsible even their job. I recommend the use of special tools, such as, for example, Archer from RSA to control IT-GRC. Only you can be the flood of information which is necessary for process control, Mr. The adaptation of such tools should be accompanied by expert security consulting.

Online collaboration has increased more and more in recent years. How can security in this area we organise? In principle no different than in offline-mode also, namely through adherence to secure processes and the use of technologies such as encryption, secure authentication and digital signature. However, new techniques are required. Earlier, for example, enough was it the hard drive in the laptop one To encrypt, to protect the stored data against theft on travel, so the scenario is today under circumstances very different from sales representative. Today, used the same staff maybe a UMTS connection to mobile surfing and used a collaboration tool such as for example SharePoint of Microsoft, from on the road with his browser to edit documents that are stored in the database of the company. Here, solutions are needed, which protect these documents during the local processing, as well as during transport over the network, as well as in the file in the SharePoint database.

The same applies to the increasingly popular online storage systems like SkyDrive and dropbox. These provide for little money or even free much storage in the cloud, but they do not offer security. Again, I advise to encrypt to one of the key is not in the hand of the cloud service provider are, but the user. There are solutions on the market. With what IT security news do you expect for 2012? Unfortunately again, with many reports of data breaches and incredible security holes.

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