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Published on: October 24, 2015

Advertising on the cars – a relatively new kind of business for Russia, and so he took it around a lot of myths and fairy tales. Perhaps the most frequent misconceptions about a specific order and set permissions prohibitions avtoreklamy from the state. The existence of such myths are not surprising. Authorities in Russia have always tried to influence all spheres of economy, society, and gradually formed the opinion that any activity is regulated so tightly that it is better to engage in semi-legal or not do at all. Of course, this view has a right to exist. But we must admit that it's often wrong. And advertising vehicles – a case in point. Let's try to dispel myths about avtoreklame! Myth number 1.

Traffic police officers refuse to inspection on vehicles with advertising. Supposedly when placing avtoreklamy required to provide a STSI number of documents and affixing a special stamp to pass inspection, and the advertising itself can not hold more than 50% of the car. Most often, they say that all these requirements are described in the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation 410 dated July 7, 1998 "On Approval of the Instruction on the location and distribution of outdoor advertising on vehicles. " That's right! This Order MIA repealed in 2007 (Order of the Ministry of the Interior from January 23, 2007 68 On the abolition of legal act MIA Russia "), so no registration is required in the traffic police.

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