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Published on: October 21, 2015

Committee marathon: funding policy of the State-owned KfW bank is a Committee marathon tragedy: funding policy of the State-owned KfW bank is a lending tragedy after the radio Yerevan method Berlin now German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recognized that the credit supply of German companies want leaves. However, it relates to the withdrawal of many international banks from Germany this concern. Merkel does not speak to the home-made problems. While business leaders criticize weeks ago that access to funding banks is too long. The focus of the criticism is the State-owned KfW bank, which should have built a true Finanzierungsdschungel. The 40 billion, provided by KfW in a special program available, flow only sparsely. Entrepreneurs should make a real hurdles, to get money. Since applications must be filled out, there are committees for examination of an application, there’s a guarantee Committee, a Steering Committee and a “Steering Council: it is all very bureaucratically organized and takes far too long”, ZDF financial editor Frank Bethmann complained about.

Those are not the only hurdles but. Money for new investments. “The result: many need help, but only a few get them”, so Bethmann in the broadcast today journal. Nevertheless, the KfW across the country would tours and promote their development loans. A paradoxical world. No money will stepped forward for the financial difficulties of the ongoing operations. This is a funding policy for radio Yerevan method In principle Yes, but…’. This is not only in the Committee-marathon of the KfW, but also only sparsely trending information exchange between KfW and banks.

This has always happened. Still new PR and advertising campaigns for the lucrative funding used to run but at the local savings bank in the sand”, criticized Udo Nadolski by the Dusseldorf consultancy Harvey Nash. We see especially the deterioration of Credit conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises with concern. Now retaliates, that the Federal Government has clamped a shield the banks, without them, such as Britain, to commit to the middle market financing”, complained about Mario Ohoven, President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW). “The Federal Government must as soon as possible make sure that the KfW means faster flow: it must be possible that credit applications are processed through the support and guarantee banks within ten banking days”, Ohoven President of the Mittelstand calls. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.

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