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Published on: January 8, 2015

We have clearly, therefore that, in the dialtico materialism-description the theory is the effort that we undertake in the process to understand the practical one, or in other words, through the theory covers a way that takes in them to the knowledge of the practical one, of the reality human being as historical process. However, the practical one not in it is presented immediately as it is, its determination and complexity is envolta in a cinereous fog. Let us come back to the concrete, the concrete is presented in them in the daily one on many forms, however all these forms in are presented in its apparent way, or in other words, its determination in are not clear as this apparent form was supramentioned under which in them the concrete for the daily one is presented is what Kosik calls of pseudoconcreticidade. Therefore we have that, in the daily o concrete is pseudoconcrete, therefore its determination are camouflaged, the theory if it presents in them then as the undertaken effort to unmask this appearance in which the concrete in the daily one is envolto; we intend then to know the concrete in its essence through the destruction of the pseudoconcreticidade, for in such a way we carry through a movement which Marx calls dialtico. Let us see why: in the search of the knowledge of the reality as it is, without the cloud of the appearance, but in its essence, we cover following way, we leave the apparent one (singular), when we understand its determination (particular) and when understanding its determination we reach the essence of the concrete (Universal) and alone then we come back to the singular or the pseudoconcrete as thought concrete or concrete, we carry through then a dialtico way, we leave the simple comment of practical (phenomenon/reality/concrete) when perceiving the determination form that it understand all, the universal one, and come back the singular having unmasked the determination that they form. .

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