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Published on: August 5, 2013

They also worked eight adjusters, which were informed by the guys at booth on the place where happened the sinister. This was the first contact between the area of claims and customer, so it was extremely important to the speed and the attention of the adjusters. Subsequently, these dictaminaban if came the sinister, and finally, produced dossier. However, the dispatch of the adjusters was in another Office two blocks away, since it was an external to the insurance company. However, both companies had an agreement that consisted of the insurer assigned all claims to the Office, to change that is you I got and administrative personnel that required to pay him. You could say that the firm was an Outsourcing Company, which in addition to providing administrative staff to the insurer, the serving of adjusters. Was precisely how I started to work, being auxiliar administrativo engaged by the external firm. My job was to sort the records of each of the claims 6,000 who at that time were without paying or unclassified.

From the first day, I noticed that a good group integration, there was since one of the analysts had many problems with the area claims Manager. Later, explained me that the BA had held the position of management for many years, and had it transferred with the analysts, which generated many friction between the two. Likewise, an analyst had gone the company just a week until I came. At the start of year, worked only three analysts in the Area of claims. Incredibly twenty years ago, when the company was founded, they were working the same number of analysts, while the number of claims by year of policyholders, it had increased from 5,000 to 182,000 claims approximately in those twenty years. (although many of these do not come). The three analysts at that time, tried to resolve the more than 6,000 claims, more that accumulate with every day.

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