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Published on: April 24, 2015

Caution when alleged prospects the Internet can be used for a variety of activities, in particular the area of e-commerce is thriving. However, users without specific precautions in many cases can tap, because inventive fraudsters occur regularly these days in the Internet with new mesh. The financial portal gives tips on how consumers can protect themselves in the sale of cars from fraudsters. A car insurance is actually used for the protection of the insured, some scammers but systematically use appropriate data for their own purposes. Basically, increased caution is necessary when selling cars over the Internet. In any case, the identification of the vehicle before taking pictures should be removed or subsequently made unrecognizable on the pictures. Otherwise, criminals can use these data in conjunction with other information, for example, to the insurance fraud. In such cases, the scammers proceed as follows: once the license plate of the vehicle know, they pretend to be buyers, to gather more information about the supplier, the place of residence and car insurance.

With this information, they can easily create a fake account, for example for an imaginary repair. They send them with a request for payment to the insurance company. The account that is specified here, it is however not the bank account of a workshop, but the account of the Deceiver. Seller should therefore any pictures of your vehicle with license plate on the Internet and give no detailed information about its insurance on calls with potential buyers. Generally, the insured in this context suffer damage as the posts as a result of frequent fraud can increase. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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