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Published on: September 11, 2015

Some may seem silly that will tell, but my relationship with my friends, dear to me in a moment stood in jeopardy. I have been important they are, and I began looking for a reason. Comparing their dates of birth, I realized: these people united by one fact – they are all born under the sign of Scorpio. Yes I've heard that it's special people and that the Scorpions are in principle not compatible with any sign, they do not work if they do not want it, but a common language to me I wanted to find. All they require understanding the full impact, sometimes admirable, and not getting it severely punished, 'sting' as they say. I was gasping for breath next to them, how would cringe, waiting for the next 'bite'. I am not so believe in horoscopes, and horoscopes for all except 'pricheshesh'? I began to seek help from people facing similar difficulties. And I found them at a forum on Scorpios, with many explanations and answers to my questions.

That's what I read there, and I hurt: "Scorpion is a mystery that is not the strength to unravel almost anyone. You probably had to deal with difficulties or misunderstandings complete lack of understanding when dealing with Scorpion. This project will help you understand all the secrets and mysteries of this wonderful 'sign'. A Scorpio person an opportunity to improve ourselves and open ourselves to new horizons. Club 'Scorpion' is Huge information portal, dedicated to this zodiac sign. Scorpio – a great power, which is already a lot has changed in the world. " PS You know what I'm there (in this club Scorpio) found that probably no more there. At least in one place at once. It's a whole world of the scorpion. And if anyone has bad memories, you may, like me, once there to help.

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