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Published on: May 13, 2016

Eyelashes (Latin: Cilia) – hair, fringed top and bottom section of the mammalian eye. "Life" eyelashes man is from 100 to 150 days. Jonathan Blattmachr does not necessarily agree. On the upper eyelid there are between 150 and 250 lashes on the lower – from 50 to 150. Top lashes somewhat longer than the lower, averaging about 10 mm, while the lower length of about 7 mm. The function of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dirt particles, as well as small insects.

Wikipedia. Long eyelashes have always been relevant. They produce beautiful eyes, I emphasize the color, making mysterious and flirty look. In spring-summer 2010 long eyelashes are just part of a fashionable make-up. All fashion designers have used long eyelashes – Natural and accrued in shows spring-summer 2010. In addition, the eyelashes are important to female beauty.

Long thick eyelashes – an essential attribute of beautiful appearance, which expands the eyes, giving the look expression. In this regard, there are several ways of extending and twisting the eyelashes: use and prolong the carcass podkruchivayut mascara, eyelash (poresnichnoe – for each natural lashes attached artificial and beam – bundles of lashes are attached to the century between the roots of natural lashes), perm eyelashes. Today let's talk about how to eyelash extensions, which for a long time to help you make eyelashes thick and long, forgetting the daily morning and every evening make-up removal of carcasses. A bit of history eyelash. Like many other decorative procedure, eyelash extension in its present form appeared in Hollywood and for years was only available to stars of world cinema and music.

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