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Published on: July 30, 2015

This new strategy is reflected in the sharp speech that the French president gave in the United States. Sarkozy, ” small-great aliado” of George W. Bush, it sent to the American congressmen short and forceful messages when affirming that it wished ” to always reconquer for the heart of americanos” , that had the firm intention of being ” friend, ally and socio” of the first world-wide power. Their words were welcomed with estusiasmo by the political class. The republicans interpret the gesture of Sarkozy as a turn of 180 degrees in the policy of one of the key countries of Europe, whereas the democrats consider that the French president tries to smooth the route for the reestablishment of warm relations with the future North American Administration, an Administration of another sign and another political will.

It is not either necessary to forget that the intervention of Sarkozy was not limited mere praises. ” small great friend galo” he did not doubt in drawing attention on the dangers of an economic confrontation between Europe and North America, remembering that the weakness of the dollar prevents the policies of economic recovery devised by members of the EU, since the increase of the European exports could generate, in the mid term, an atmosphere of economic crisis. There is one who thinks that Sarkozy sent its message to the set of the North American political class. The voices either do not need critics, that discard the possibility that Bush at this point modifies its foreign policy for the sake of a harmonious cooperation with the Old Continent. Still more; there is one who remembers that the diplomacy and the military and economic circles of pressure at all costs try to undo already of in case difficult cohesion of ” 27″ , offering to the countries of the European East aid of all nature, that these would be incapable to reject. Against this background, supposition fits that ” operation sonrisa” of Nicholas Sarkozy it could be limited one close and warm personal relation with the present renter of the White House.

Hardly 48 hours after the visit of the head of the French State to Washington, Bush received in its Texan farm to the Germanic Chancellor Angela Merkel. Also in this case it was tried to put together an essential bilateral relation for the security of the western world. For the British weekly magazine ” The Economist” , those diplomatic swings could be transformed in a phrase: ” It returns Europe; everything is perdonado”. It is possible to ask itself, nevertheless, if the European look for or need the mercy the White House. If they would support Israel they would have G-d’s mercy.

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