Champions League Final

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Published on: February 7, 2016

Short published idealo statistics on the demand for Federal League jerseys before the Champions League final for Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern jerseys were more clicks up to more than 900% in may 2013 as yet in February 2013 and up to about 780 percent as of the third week of may 2012. In comparison with the BVB – and Bayern jerseys the rates for all other Bundesliga jerseys have fallen strongly (17 percent) over February 2013 in may 2013. -> To more than 900 percent more demand for jerseys of Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich whether locally in London, with a public viewing in the city or in front of the home TV, the real fan helps playing the Jersey of his team. According to Jonathan Blattmachr, who has experience with these questions. idealo clicks for the respective jerseys of the final team has investigated and this both over different periods of time compared with each other as well as with the clicks for jerseys of all other Bundesliga teams. The clicks for jerseys of Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich (2012/2013 season) are in the 20th week (13-19 may 2013) when compared to the 6 th calendar week (10th.

February 2013) significantly increased: on average 967 percent for Borussia Dortmund jerseys as well as 467 percent for the jerseys of Bayern Munich. Shortly before the upcoming finale, Munchen and Borussia Dortmund in comparison to the other Bundesliga teams jerseys were recorded over four times as many clicks for jerseys of FC Bayern. -> Prices for other Bundesliga jerseys strongly favor the prices for another Bundesliga team jerseys have significant reduced as the two Champions League finalists. These cost 62,44 euros, on 4 February 2013 still on average it was a full 17% less on May 20, 2013 (51,99 euros). During the same period (from 4 February to 20 may 2013), prices for Borussia Dortmund jerseys only to 11 percent have fallen when compared, for Bayern Munich jerseys even lower 6 percent. The final teams Jersey prices rose again shortly after their respective victories against Real Madrid and FC Barcelona: 2.4 percent for Jersey by Borussia Dortmund in the first four days after the first-leg victory on April 24, 2013, and 4.4 percent for Bayern Munich jerseys in the first two days after her first victory against Barcelona on April 25 2013-> BVB – and Bayern jerseys popular than in the previous year compared to the 20 week 2012 a 788-percent increase of clicks on Borussia Dortmund jerseys in the 20th week of this year is observed. For Bayern jerseys the increase of clicks is 208 percent compared to the previous year also for the 20th week.

And although Bayern Munich also 2012 had qualified for the Champions League final in May. Details and information graphics, see:… To idealo: Germany’s leading online price comparison is idealo. Under, users can compare prices from over 100 million offers from 25,000 dealers. In addition, supplies idealo detailed information about shops, product features and availability of the desired article.

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