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Published on: February 22, 2016

Kinds of Los Angeles from God: Seraphim angel Regency: from 25 to 30 April.It is situated in the area of Keter and works matters related to the sphere Yesod.Name of Los Angeles: lovely God.Essence of Angel: God’s blessing.Planet of the Angel: Moon Angels Horoscope: Taurus.Attribute: This seraph is invoked to ask for protection and material goods. Thus, we can request this seraph to bring us everything we need to standard material such as a job, money, a House. In addition, if we need to feel protected, it will also be our divine shield. The blessing of God comes through that Cahetel through its essence puts at disposition the individual to be that character productive and grateful to the sky. An essence of well used Cahetel will provide a simple but powerful individual in spirit and will feature all the heavenly support. Simple because it will always be considered in the service of God and mighty because God will bless you constantly. They will also not only be productive in themselves, they will be source of production and fertility for those who contact them. Which also reaches the agricultural productions, good harvests. And that’s why the person influenced by Cahetel will love the work, agriculture, field in general and will have lots of activity in the business.Cahetel helps to extirpate or drive away the evil inclinations. Finally say that Cahetel to their influenced provides the inspiration to turn them into men thankful

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