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Published on: April 29, 2013

ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN, communication and public relations agency, feel healthy inside and out. And not only by the professionalism and enthusiasm with which develop their work but because, since the last October have adopted the technique of Feng Shui in their offices and business figures are becoming more positive, not to mention the good relationship with its customers. It all started when its Director-general, Lola Garcia, following pioneer spirit and open-minded that has allowed it grow and consolidate, even in difficult times, embarked upon the adventure of putting in practice the Councils Area Feng Shui company put him on the table. At CEO Google you will find additional information. Today, the Agency wishes to share with society welfare contributing their bit in favour of that if you are in doubt will be the movement of the year: the Feng Shui movement. For all those that we have attracted interest, Feng Shui which literally means wind water refers to the traditional study of everything flows, whether visible or invisible, that is, energies and its interaction with the human habitat.

Of Chinese origin, modern Feng Shui is applied today by prestigious architects in the design of towering skyscrapers, such as the headquarters of the Bank of Shanghai and Hong Kong. In the West its maximum pioneers have been the American entrepreneur Donald Trump and the English architect Norman Foster. This fantastic technique is the best recipe for your business or family environment enjoy good health. In the professional field, it is directed to optimize good energy in your Office through a diagnosis on the energetic level of positive and negative areas, an analysis of employees to increase their productivity and promote their health, as well as job to equip you for your ideal item. And the best thing is that the changes do not pose additional expenses: a simple change in decoration, a relocation of employees or decorative elements, or a new painting on the wall color will make your Office a wonderful job Feng Shui. And, if this does not outside more than encouraging, the results begin to note from the outset. It was time to receive good news, right? From ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN we encourage you to join the movement Feng Shui and we invite you to visit us to check for you mism @ the good vibrations flowing through the Agency.

About Feng Shui Business Area formed by Feng Shui experts, graduates in Xuan Kong Feng Shui, by the school of Feng Shui classical Feng Shui Solutions, directed by Meirav Eichler, disciple of master Joseph Yu. Studies of Feng Shui basics, the Bazhai school and the school of the Bagua, a disciple of the great Maestro Roger Green, 1st master Feng Shui not Chinese. Graduates in decoration and interior design. Graduates in law from the Complutense University. For more information visit: about ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN communication, public relations and marketing agency, offers companies of all sectors solutions that can optimize your account of results and achieve their goals. Expert in the relations with the national and international media, offers all services related to the project being undertaken, including: auditing and analysis of communication, planning and development of communication strategies, development of communication plan, creation of direct marketing campaigns, training of executives for his relationship with the media, relations with investors and management of crisis situations. Specializing in companies, products and services launch campaigns.

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